Types of Smart TVs and Their Different Features

Types of Smart TVs and Their Different Features

TV devices and electronics are no longer just for watching TV. With the development of internet technologies, watching TV on the internet is now possible. There are various TV streaming devices that can deliver high quality digital TV to internet users. High-definition channels and video streams can be delivered through PC satellite TV, HDTV, On Demand through Xbox and other latest game consoles and even old fashioned televisions. These TV devices can bring entertainment to our homes without the hassle of paying high monthly cable bills or going out every time to watch a TV show.



One of the most popular TV devices today is the Apple iPhone, which offers amazing functionality and features such as being able to browse the internet and watch TV at the same time. However, iPhones are limited to mobile use only and cannot be used with any television set in the home. Apple is however, gearing up its devices with many new, exciting features and one of which is the Apple iPhone’s” iTune”, which allow tv playing on the go. The device, which is yet to be available in the market, will operate on select tv platforms and is expected to offer all the standard features of a traditional like VGA output, audio output and input/output options, USB connectivity, a camcorder function and video recorder.


Another great option in the form of devices is Nintendo Wii, which is the latest gaming system to hit the market. Unlike previous versions, the latest Nintendo Wii allows you to play games using your television set. You can hook up your Wii console to your TV and either play single player games or take up group games to compete with other users from around the world. With the innovative Wii remote, users are able to control the movements of their Wii characters. This feature however, does not work on all this; you must have a Nintendo wii remote with you when you buy one.


Smart TVs are the modern incarnation of television sets that offer great functionality and comfort at a much lower price. There are several smart tv apps being developed by various companies. These devices are specially designed to allow you to watch online TV content from websites such as YouTube. They are also capable of watching movies and shows on selected channels from networks like HBO, NBC, CBS, PBS and others.


With the development of smart tvs, the options for watching television also increased. With the cable TV industry being dead now for the past several years, many cable TV subscribers are considering alternatives to their set-tops. One of these alternatives is Sling TV, which uses an Internet connection to let you stream live TV on your PC, laptop or smartphone. Sling TV offers hundreds of channels, along with lots of special programming that is only available through the Internet.


Another option for watching live TV on the go is the remote control for your tv. Remote control televisions offer great flexibility because they can be used not only for watching live TV but also for playing games, listening to music and other activities. There are dozens of different smart tv remotes available in the market. You can find remotes with high-definition display, voice-recognition functions, media play capabilities and many more.


The fourth type of smart tv that you may be interested in buying are streaming devices. Streaming devices let you watch live TV on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer while you are traveling. Many of these streaming devices run on mobile platforms such as BlackBerry and Android. Others simply run on web browsers, although some older versions of the aforementioned devices can also run on traditional platforms.


Finally, the last type of smart tv you should consider are third party apps. Most streaming platforms provide an application store that allows you to purchase and install third party applications. Some of the most popular and well-known apps are Hulu, Plexo and Chroma. The major difference between these third party apps and the official apps provided by the viewing device manufacturers is that third party apps are more flexible, giving you the ability to watch live TV on your mobile devices and portable computing devices.

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