Top 15 Technology Companies to Invest In 2023


we’re living in a different world now trade is part of it trade is the least important part of it technology is very important it gives economic strength it gives military strength he has been called one of the great investors of our time ray darling i think that um in an evolutionary way over the next one two and three years that there will be a turn for the world that’s not the case so my strategy is i invest in things that’s going to change people’s lives that’s the first thing i look at

i always borrow to invest i use debt to invest to do that you’ve really got to have a lot of financial education i don’t recommend it but it’s the best way to get rid of you could see it in europe and you can see it in the united states get a job while jobs are disappearing is that with artificial intelligence and g5 coming more jobs are going to be wiped out plus with driverless cars more jobs are getting wiped out this is a real sport and people are going to figure it out really really quick a lot of people who bought into teams not just esports themselves and no idea how bad a business it was owning a team is an awful business 15 technology companies to invest in for 2023.

If we take a look at the nasdaq composite index which includes almost all stocks listed on the nasdaq stock exchange we’ll notice that it’s largely ruled by tech companies that shouldn’t come as a surprise the pandemic has pushed us into a more digitalized world giving a massive boost to tech giants and smaller companies across the globe so if you’re looking to expand your portfolio in 2023 a tech company might be a perfect choice even among those you have some that will continue growing in the following year and onwards and some that won’t manage to stay afloat how do you make the right choice with thousands of options out there we’ve followed the stock market and its trends closely and now

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 1- inc google’s parent Company

Alphabet inc google’s parent company alphabet has had an absolutely fantastic year in fact it’s been their best since 2009. the corporation stock is up 65 percent leaving all other competitors far behind the closest to alphabet’s growth is microsoft yet with the gain of 53 it certainly has no hope of catching up such growth may sound surprising but things become clearer when we consider that alphabet holds both google and youtube google is by far the most popular search engine in the world and the company offers a variety of services that have become indispensable nowadays youtube stocks alone have surged by 43 as the platform has virtually become a replacement for traditional television and during the pandemic both of these divisions got quite a boost as consumers from all over the world lived their lives largely on the internet but this trend isn’t just limited to the pandemic of course lockdowns and quarantines have forced us to rely on digital solutions but that only sped up the process that was already ongoing now that we have entered fully the digital age alphabet is certainly one of the best companies to invest in and its continued research into artificial intelligence and self-driving cars will definitely cement it at the top of the stock market for many years to come

2- Zoom

If a single company benefited from the pandemic it’s definitely zoom the video conferencing platform gained an incredible boost in 2020 when its shares grew by one thousand percent by now that growth slowed down it’s still up over 215 percent but that’s nothing compared to last year because of that many investors feel that zoom’s glory days are over but in our opinion that’s not the case while the number of smaller customers is no longer as large as before companies and corporations still turn to zoom for their communication needs that no longer includes just video conferencing now the platform is hoping to offer all kinds of communication solutions if the company continues developing its features the way it has so far we can expect it to become a dominant video conferencing platform in the corporate world in that case its stocks are sure to grow so buying them right now might bring some serious long-term profit

3- Meta

Meta platforms this year’s headlines were full of facebook’s sudden decision to change its name to meta according to facebook’s founder mark zuckerberg the tech giant was branching out and the name was no longer representative of the company’s image after all facebook isn’t the only platform this corporation owns now instagram and whatsapp are under its wing too after the name change some skeptics claimed this rebranding was the company’s attempt to distance itself from the controversy around privacy and spreading misinformation whatever the case the fact is that 3.5 billion people use meta’s platforms whether it’s facebook instagram or whatsapp that number is sure to keep growing and other exciting projects are surely in store so if you want to be a part of that buying meta stocks might just be the way to go about it

4- Amazon

The largest online retailer in the world and the leading provider of cloud computing infrastructure is undoubtedly amazon its online store may not have grown much over the past year but otheramazon services certainly have the subscription services third-party marketplace and amazon web services have all recorded double-digit revenue growth and according to analysts amazon’s revenue and earnings will keep rising next year as well the growth may stabilize a little but ultimately amazon is sure to remain dominant in its industry thus investing in it shouldn’t pose that much of a risk

5- Shopify

there’s hardly an e-commerce solution that’s quite as effective or popularas shopify this canadian company has it all excellent site design payment and checkout capabilities marketing options and everything else its users need to run a successful business considering that online entrepreneurship has been on the rise in the last few years shopify is undoubtedly experiencing quite a boom the numbers confirm this too in the last quarter shopify’s revenue jumped by 46 both the revenue and the user base are expected to grow in the following years and since it’s a hassle to move from shopify to a different platform it certainly has staying power thus you can’t go wrong with investing in this company that’s already revolutionizing the meaning of e-commerce and is sure to keep it up that way for years to come

6- Electronic arts

moving intothe gaming industry which seems to be unstoppably growing every year there’s one name that instantly comes to mind electronic arts or ea for short has been around for decades with numerous fantastic gaming franchises under its belt who hasn’t played or at least heard of fifa the sims or formula one by now these and other ea games certainly deserve to be called classics despite this legendary status ea stocks have been underperforming in 2021 right now they’re selling at a low price around 132 dollars that means acquiring a few shares won’t be too difficult nor will it empty your wallet is it worth it to invest in ea though well we expect quite an optimistic future for the company over the next few years electronic arts earnings are likely to double especially once it starts producing next generation console games in other words ea offers cheap stocks whose value is sure to grow over time and there’s hardly a better investment than that

7-  Zynga

we’re on the topic of gaming we certainly have to mention zynga another video game developer that many investors bet big on in 2021 unfortunately those who did were disappointed the company’s share price fell by roughly 35 percent this year that’s likely due to stricter standards for targeted advertising in video games which has been one of zynga’s main revenue streams still the future is looking brighter for this mobile gaming and social networking company zynga has excellent development resources and marketing team and its strategies for keeping the players engaged and willing to spend are quite effective and while these positive sides might not yet be so obvious when looking at the stock market we’re sure they will be plus zynga stock is so cheap right now that there’s absolutely no reason not to buy it

8- Unity software

There’s hardly a platform as popular for developing video games as unity about half of all console and pc games and 70 of all mobile games were developed in it as if that’s not enough unity may be the biggest beneficiary of virtual worlds and metaverses after all its engine might just be what we need to build the metaverse across various platforms and once that’s done the software is sure to make quite a profit but for now the share prices are low enough to comfortably purchase at the beginning of 2022. they are sure to pay off too you just have to be ready to hold the stocks for a few years before you see the results

9- Microsoft

When it comes to investing microsoft is a pretty safe bet windows is to this day the most widely used operating system in the world and the office productivity software holds near monopoly in its domain on top of that azure microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure provider is second only to amazon web services if that’s not enough to convince you to invest in microsoft we should mention that in the last six years microsoft’s profitability doubled that’s not an easy feat for a corporation of that size but it has been possible thanks to its ceo’s wise leadership so as long as things keep going this way your decision to my microsoft stocks will surely be a good one

10- Uber Technologies

During the pandemic uber the transportation and logistics corporation took quite a hit lockdowns meant people had to stay home so ride hailing wasn’t exactly necessary but now that the world is slowly getting back to its feet uber is once again everyone’s first choice when they need a ride aside from that the company has started several other ventures its food delivery service is thriving and uber freight is looking to streamline the massive market of shipping and hauling in the long run that’s sure to bring some profit both to the company and its investors and there’s hardly a better time to invest than now

11- Apple

microsoft’s toughest competitor is without a doubt steve jobs brainchild apple with iphones ipads and mac computers among apple’s products it’s clear why this tech giant is as popular as it is after all their superb designs and excellent features ensure unparalleled customer loyalty and repeat buyers recently apple has decided to push its own limits and expand its selection of services now those include apple pay apple music apple tv plus apple fitness plus and more as the company keeps growing so do its customer base and profits so just like in the case of microsoft apple is a pretty safe bet and investing in it can bring you some serious money over the year

12- Netflix

over the years netflix has become a real streaming giant currently counting over 200 million subscribers the company also invests billions of dollars each year to produce new content and attract more watchers its selection of shows and movies has become more diverse with the aim of drawing in audiences from across the world and their business model seems to be working despite the tough competition netflix still sits at the top but isn’t it too late to buy netflix shares now surprisingly they aren’t too expensive its earnings are still growing so the prices are a relative bargain of course they are pricier now than they were five or ten years ago but their value is higher as well so if you haven’t invested in netflix yet now might just be the right time

13- Intel

As one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world intel manufactures central processing units cpus or computers in other words as long as we use pcs as they are now intel’s products will be necessary and the company will thrive but intel isn’t putting all its hopes exclusively on cpus the company also started producing specialty chips for artificial intelligence which are sure to become quite sought after in the following years intel is also planning to fully commit itself to manufacturing and making chips for other companies and if that’s what lies in store for intel you can be certain that its revenues and earnings will grow your profits could too especially if he seized the opportunity and invest

14- Cisco systems

In many ways cisco systems provides the backbone of the internet after all the company manufactures develops and sells hardware software and telecommunications equipment in fact many consider cisco to be integral to the growth of silicon valley so its importance is indisputable but does that make it worth investing in for 2022 that certainly does seem to be the case according to many parameters and analyses cisco’s shares will be moderately sought after and will be the perfect time for buying its relative strength rating is 87 out of 99 making it one of the best stocks to own so why wait a moment longer

15- Asana

On this list that received a boost thanks to the pandemic its workspace collaboration software helped its shares advance by more than 280 in 2021 in fact ever since its debut on the market asana has performed exceptionally and it’s only just getting started there is plenty of room for growth and improvement meaning that it’s a perfect addition to your long-term portfolio on top of that asana shares are less expensive than its competitors thanks to its impressive growth and improving profitability in other words if you buy now you can expect long-term gain for a low cost well there you have it 15 technology companies to invest in in 2022. thank you so much for being a part of our community.

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