Chromacast – Multitasking With TV 4K

Chromacast - Multitasking With TV 4K

Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world today and has seen a large increase in sales of its iPhone and iPad devices, but it also has made an impact on the industry with the sale of the devices. In fact, tv and internet have become something that can be done together in some ways. It’s true that most people already have access to high speed internet, but this type of connection isn’t quite capable of streaming a full High Definition picture as quickly and easily as a reliable Apple television.



Fortunately there are now a wide variety of options for viewing tv on the go. First there was the Apple TV, which was simply an iSight enabled television hooked up to a personal computer running Google Assistant. This worked well but lacked the versatility of being able to remotely control channels, change recordings, and even watch live TV. Also, if you were away from home and had an issue with the reception of your Google Assistant, you couldn’t just put it down and hit the back button to switch to a different internet browser.


Enter the Chromecast, which works much like an Ultra Thin Displays that can plug into any wall socket. It provides a mini version of the apple tv remote with a small USB dongle that allows the user interface to be accessed just like the internet remote control. The Chromecast can support both High Definition Television and Google Cast, which is similar to Airplay but provides a native interface for playback and recording. This means that the Chromacast can act as a Chromecast, cast to another Chromcast, or connect to an existing Chromecast to allow for playback on an external HDTV.


The second major innovation is the integration of Chromacast with third party in app development. With Chromacast the the user interface can be customized using a tv app developer, so that the same Chromacasts that are controlled by the iPhone can be controlled by the Chromacast, allowing for easy personalization. Now any tv app developer can create a tv app for Chromacasts that will work with the Chromecast and allow for remote control video playback, recorded programming, casting from existing chromesters and many other functionalities that are only possible using Chromacast.


On the second thought, this new feature of Chromacast may actually hurt Apple’s reputation amongst some users. Since the Chromacast has been designed as a remote control replacement, many people believe that using the dongle and not the iPhone will make it more dangerous to use as a remote for household items. The Chromacasts remote control does have haptic feedback, as well as a power button that will shut it off, so accidents may still happen. If you are going to start using Chromacast, the best thing to do is make sure that you always have an extra remote in your possession so that you can use it if something goes wrong. However, there are some manufacturers that have released tv app developers that will allow you to stream Google TV on your Chromacast and provide you with a fully functioning Chromacast.


While some people may be concerned about Apple banning its Chromacasts from many enabled devices, the reality is that Apple simply does not want Chromacasts to become another Google Card. Apple is trying to limit its impact on the platform because it is not yet ready for prime time, but the company has also made an amazing amount of money off of it already. By adding a feature such as Chromacast to its devices, they are limiting the amount of third party apps that can be compatible with it. But at the same time, developers are still free to create all manner of unique apps using whatever technology they desire. You will just need to take the time to do your research.


Some of the other apps that are available for Chromacasts right now include: live tv, hulu plus, hulu original plus, and even Sling TV. Sling TV is one of the biggest names in the television industry and arguably, the most used and powerful brand on the market. Sling TV allows you to watch any type of live television on your computer, phone, and internet connection. Because Sling TV works so well, there are hundreds of thousands of subscribers. But not all of those subscribers have the big screen in their living rooms, so it might be a good idea to get your Chromacast in a place where you will be able to use it more often. If you live in an apartment or condominium, you might have a harder time finding a place with a large screen TV for Chromacast.


At the present time, the major players in the world of streaming media are Apple and Google. However, there is always room for another player in this market. I expect that a day will come when there will be another player that is as powerful as the current crop of chromecasts. Until then, you can continue enjoying your current television viewing with Chromacast. It’s a great way to multitask, update your Facebook status, and play music and videos while you’re watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

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